Curried Dishes

(Includes Rice or Chips) (Fried Rice 20p Extra)

99. King Prawn with Mushroom Curry £7.00
99a. King Prawn Curry £6.80
100. Prawn with Mushroom Curry £6.50
100a. Prawn Curry £6.40
101. Chicken with Mushroom Curry £6.50
101a. Chicken Curry £6.30
101b. Chicken Breast Curry on bone £6.50
102. Roast Pork with Mushroom Curry £6.50
102a. Roast Pork Curry £6.30
103. Beef with Mushroom Curry £6.30
103a. Beef Curry £6.30
104. Duck with Mushroom Curry £7.00
104a. Duck Curry £6.80
105. Mushroom Curry £5.60
106. Mixed Vegetable Curry £5.60
106a. Mixed Meat with King Prawn Curry £7.50

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